Sustainable, ethical and inclusive stewardship of the solar ecosystem. 

A central project to develop a citizen-authored blueprint for conscious space migration and stewardship of the solar ecosystem. 

What we're doing, together

As we plan our migration off the planet, perhaps we will learn more about healing our relationship with it.

We're convening a diverse community to collectively author a living blueprint for sustainable expansion into our solar ecosystem. We have an opportunity to write a new story for humanity, to choose stewardship and unity over conquering and dividing.

The development process

A thousand-year project with you as the author.

Our process is community driven, iterative, and inclusive. Now, everyone gets a vote in how we migrate and explore. This time we get to use our voices to create the future we want.

How it works

Convene task forces

The blueprint will be developed by 16 task forces, powered by a global, decentralized network of co-authors, governed by a Secretariat.

Develop hypotheses

Information is gathered in our public Repository of Knowledge (RoK) and used to form hypotheses that will be used for simulations.

Simulate & Approve

Hypotheses are rigorously simulated, and refined until reasonable viability and approval through democratic vote by the Task Force and Secretariat systems. 

Publish & Activate

Successful simulations are incorporated into the living blueprint system and presented to the public, policy makers, and other relevant organizations.

Learn more about the blueprint process and how to get involved

Inspired by

The Overview Effect

Astronauts viewing the Earth from Low Earth Orbit or on lunar missions often experience a shift in identity or worldview: The Overview Effect. 

They recognize that, as humans, our commonalities far outweigh our differences. This awe-inspiring perspective reframes our understanding of the cosmos, and our relationship with our home planet and each other. The resulting Overview Perspective plays a vital role in helping us cultivate a future of sustainable peace and prosperity for all of humanity.

Why is this important?

Our opportunity to heal our relationship with the planet and each other.

What if migrating outwards is our chance to look inwards?

What if everyday citizens had the opportunity to co-create a blueprint for how we migrate off the planet? What if we could help ensure that we do it more wisely than humans have migrated around the Earth?

To create such a blueprint, we would have to know a lot about our current relationship with the Earth. That understanding would serve as the foundation for a more intentional design.

As we worked on that central project together, we might learn a lot about how to cultivate a more harmonious relationship with our natural environment, and maybe even each other.

Maybe the process of working together to design an ethical, inclusive, and sustainable future in space is part of our journey in truly coming into harmony with this phenomenal planet we call home.

Our journey off the planet isn’t about escaping or abandoning Earth. It’s about truly knowing it for the first time and becoming stewards of our solar ecosystem.

Join us in co-authoring the Blueprint for Conscious Space Migration. This time, we get to design the future we want.

Join us in co-authoring the Blueprint for Conscious Space Migration. This time, we get to design the future we want.

Leadership team

Our Crew

The Human Space Program is driven by a devoted network of exceptional volunteers all across the globe, and led by these extraordinary humans. We're also supported by our Inclusion Council which helps us ensure the integrity of our internal culture and outside influence through our work.

Board of Directors

Frank White

President & Board Chair

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Irene Porro

Board Member

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Greg Barr

Treasurer, Board Member

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Leadership Team

Cristina Star

Environmental Task Force Lead

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MaryLiz Bender


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Alison Mattos

Partnership & Sponsorship Officer

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John Finegan

Director of Social Media Management

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Jared Angaza

Executive Director

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Ashley Kleinman

Director of Research

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Mark Wagner

Content Manager

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Kevin Russell

Metaverse Architect & Simulation Innovation Strategist

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Inara Tabir

Community Cultivator

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Michael Vinal

Web3 Advisor

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Advisory Council

Nicole Stott

Former NASA Astronaut, Founder of Space for Art Foundation
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Richelle Gribble

Expeditionary Artist & Analog Astronaut
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Rick Tumlinson

Co-founder, Space Frontier Foundation - Founding Partner, Spacefund
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Charlie Walker

Former NASA Astronaut
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Angelique Ahlström

Co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Flash Forest
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Luci Prosapio

Sempre Space, Founder
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Claudia Welss

Chairman, Institute of Noetic Sciences - Founder, Conscious Space Economy
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Will Henry

Director, Multiverse Media
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Annahita Nezami

Chartered Psychologist, Founder & Creative Director of EarthScapeVR
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Stan Rosen

Former Vice Chair at National Space Society
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Rachel Lyons

Executive Director, Space for Humanity
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Ron Rosano

Space Educator, Galactic Unite "Spacechats" Organizer
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